Lyric Video Collaboration with Holli

One of my best friends in middle school was Holli Branch (now Holli Alvarado). We both grew up in Reno, Nevada and attended Billinghurst Middle School together (our mascot was the spectacular, ever-so-interesting Bighorn sheep, the Nevada state animal ?). It was a rare time where as a 12-13-year-old I felt mostly free from the sting of fears and the insecurity that life can so often bring. Holli and I spent countless hours studying together, planning school and team-related events, and simply being kids. I have great memories of planting trees up in the mountains with our classmates, coming up with random funny ideas, and enjoying sleep-overs. 

Holli now enjoys living in Seattle, Washington, as a graphic designer & artist, and I now live in Utah, where I am deeply in love with the beautiful Wasatch mountains and canyons. Growing up in Reno, the backdrop for many of our childhood memories included Nevada sagebrush and pine trees, the cool blue water of Lake Tahoe, and the big open desert in all four seasons. 

I have already posted the recording of this song before, but this summer Holli and I chatted about the possibility of her creating a lyric video with some beautiful images of what we love about Nevada. Holli was creating cool art ever since I can remember and I really love how this turned out! So, consider this a tribute to Nevada; and to fond memories of whatever state you call home. Feel free to share in any setting!

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