Supermarket Flowers

Recently, I received a touching message from a man I don't know. He told me that a song Brian Bingham & Anne Stevens recorded with me ("Angel") moved him and made him think of his mother-in-law who had been killed in a terrorist attack in Tunisia in 2015. My new friend mentioned that the last time a song got him like that was Ed Sheeran's "Supermarket Flowers." I had never heard the song before so I looked it up and I've had it on repeat for the last 30 minutes. If you haven't heard it yet, you need to. For anyone who has ever lost their angel mother (or an angel figure in any way), this is for you today. 

It's messages like these that leave me thinking "Thank God for music." In many ways and in so many seasons, different songs are the soundtrack to our lives. In moments of grief and heartache we listen, lean in, and lay down our hearts to move through the process of grief. Or if our hearts feel incapable of moving forward, we listen and listen until our heart is finally ready, like I've experienced so poignantly and beautifully recently. 

Today I am thinking of the sweet angel boy my sister Crystal lost to miscarriage 3 years ago today. She never did get to hold him before he could take his first breath. It is still painful for her. So, today this song is for her--and for you. May you feel a little less alone in whatever loss you have experienced--or are experiencing.

p.s. You can listen to the song I wrote for the baby my sister lost to miscarriage here.

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