Beautiful people do not just happen.

“Beautiful people do not just happen.” 

A lot is written about the subject of beauty, and for what it’s worth, I’m going to add my two-cents to the conversation, since as a woman (and I’ll add that as a…

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It’s crazy to me how easy it is to find ourselves drifting into situations that seem appealing, only to later find out (sometimes after a lot of misery), that the appearance was misleading. 

The song Drifting is about…

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Recording With or Without You

I had never planned to record With or Without You.  
In fact, I planned not to. A few years ago, I planned on recording a very different song I wrote that quotes part of U2’s famous song, but had a…

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Home Means Nevada 

Around this time of last year I was looking online for our state song...I had been raised singing it (like all Nevadans) and wanted to hear some recordings and find out who wrote it. I was disappointed that I could…

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