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Over a month ago I sat at my laptop at around 2am looking through videos and images of the massive destruction caused by the Jan 12th earthquake in Haiti. One picture that stuck out to me particularly was of a grieving father carrying his lifeless son away from the wreckage. It made me think of my baby brother. What if that was him being carried out by my dad? It hurt to even think about.

As of February 10th, 2010, the Haitian Government has estimated:
-up to 230,000 people died in the 7.0 earthquake in Port-au-Prince, Haiti
(The death toll continues to rise)
-300,000 were injured
-250,000 homes were destroyed (leaving 1 million people homeless)
-rebuilding efforts could take up to ten years

As I viewed image after image of women, men, and children who had either been lost to the earthquake or were injured I could not help but think of my family. That could have been any of us. That could have been my family.

And in a way - it is. These are my Haitian brothers and sisters.

A lot of different thoughts and a mixture of emotions swept through me that night. It was hard to sleep. I imagine most all of us have felt a lot of these same feelings and asked many of these same questions since January 12th.

Recently I was contacted by someone wanting to make a video dealing with the situation in Haiti (and using some music I had written). The purpose of the video would be to encourage all of us to continue to help in the Haiti relief effort and to emphasize that (even though it may feel overwhelming) there are ways we can come together to make a difference. So over the period of a couple weeks the video above was created with that goal in mind (produced by Austin Craig).

I hope you find the video inspiring. Please share it with friends, family, total strangers ;) and help spread the message... there are various ways to help (financial donations: below are links to many reputable charities, time, talents, rebuilding, etc). All make a difference. One agency involved in relief work in Haiti informed me that $5 could pay a Haitian for a full days work on rebuilding. $5 couldn't even pay an hours wage here in the States, but in Haiti that goes a long way. So every dollar really does count.

Haiti is going to need help for a long time. It's easy after the first month of a crisis like this for us to kind of start to forget, but the suffering for those affected continues and the help and needs are still there and still very real. The great thing is we can do something about it.

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